15 Cloth Diapers Lessons to Learn From Superheroes and Villains

15 Cloth Diapers Lessons to Learn From Superheroes and Villains

A recent study into child development shows that babies as young as six months old are drawn towards those who “protect those weaker than themselves.” Although babies are too young to understand concepts like justice, they consistently chose toys they saw perform a “heroic act” over toys that stood by and allowed bad things to happen. 

This innate sense of justice may be one thing that makes superheroes and their stories so compelling. However, just because superheroes live in a fictional universe doesn’t mean they can’t teach you a thing or two about using cloth diapers!

There is no “Right” Way to Cloth Diaper

Supergirl Cloth diaper by Simple Being cloth diapers

One thing we notice at Simple Being Diapers is that people want lots of information about choosing and using cloth diapers. That’s because they “want to get it right.” However, there is no right way to use cloth diapers; there is only the right for you and your family way.

And it’s not just us telling you that. In the live-action Supergirl TV show, Supergirl’s mom, Alura, tells her superhero daughter:

 “There is no correct path in life. You will lose your way many times. What’s important is that you find your way back to the brave girl you always were. Be wise, be strong and always be true to yourself.”

Stick With It

Batman cloth diaper by Simple Being cloth diapers

We all have those moments when our wash routine has gone funky, a diaper has leaked, or something else has gone badly, and we feel like giving up. Unfortunately, this means that, sometimes, when something doesn’t go according to plan, people think they’ve “failed” and should try disposables instead.

However, remember that in ‘The Dark Knight,’ Batman says, “Maybe that’s what Batman is about. Not winning...but failing, and getting back up. Knowing he’ll fail, fail a thousand times, but still won’t give up.”

So we figure that if Batman used cloth diapers on his kids, he’d definitely stick with it, no matter how badly his wash routine went. 

Feed Your Curiosity

Wonder Woman cloth diaper from Simple Being cloth diapers

Have you seen a super cute cloth diaper pattern and thought, “Hmmm, they look sweet; I wonder what it’s like to use cloth diapers?”

Well, Wonder Woman once said, “Which will hold greater rule over you? Your fear or your curiosity?” 

So, we’re pretty sure that if Wonder Woman saw a cute cloth diaper print and were curious about using cloth diapers instead of disposables, she would give it a try. And so should you.

Stare Down Your Fear

Superman cloth diaper design by Simple Being cloth diapers

Deciding to use cloth diapers is a big step, and it’s natural to worry. The different styles and materials can be overwhelming. The idea of all that extra laundry is off-putting, and being the only person you know who uses cloth, can feel isolating.

However, once you give it a shot, you might discover that cloth diapers and you are made for each other and that you’ve found something extraordinary.

Superman says, “The ‘amazing’ can only be created by facing fear, risk, and failure during the process,” and if it’s good enough for Clark Kent’s alter-ego, it’s good enough for us.

Know Your Weaknesses

Three Superman print cloth diapers by Simple Being cloth diapers

The flip side of Superman’s strength is his vulnerability to Kryptonite. However, rather than trying to ignore this or hide from it, Superman faces his weakness head-on, learning everything he can about how Kryptonite affects him, how he can avoid it, and how to deal with its effects when avoidance isn’t possible.

This is a valuable lesson. We cannot be strong or positive all of the time, and if we understand our weaknesses, we can develop strategies to deal with them.

One of the ways this can apply to cloth diapers is when it comes to your wash routine. If you know you hate doing laundry, consider whether you should do less laundry every day or more laundry every two or three days.

Don’t Let Others Dissuade You From Using Cloth

supergirl design cloth diaper three pack by Simple Being cloth diapers

When you first tell friends and family you’ll be using cloth diapers; you may encounter a flood of negativity. 

“It’s too much work.”

“You won’t stick with it.”

“Disposables are so much easier.”

We have plenty of advice about how to be successful with cloth diapers when other people are unsupportive, and we’re pretty sure that this is the type of situation Supergirl was thinking of when she said;

 “Hope that when faced with an enemy determined to destroy your spirit, you will fight back and thrive. Hope that those who once may have shunned you will, in a moment of crisis, come to your aid.”

Be Yourself and Go For It

Harley Quinn may not be the best role model in the world, but she is unapologetic about being herself. If you want to try cloth diapers, don’t let other people’s opinions dissuade you. 

Do they make “dippy hippy” jokes? Let them. 

Will you be the only person you know using cloth? Awesome, you’re not eccentric; you’re a trailblazer.

You only have one chance to raise your child, and not trying cloth because of other people may be something you come to regret. So “arm” yourself with everything you need and go for it.

You’ll Have to Adapt and Change

Fearless girls design three pack of cloth diapers from Simple Being cloth diapers

One day you might move to an area with harder or softer water, and you have to change your detergent, or perhaps your washing machine breaks down and is replaced by a machine with entirely different settings.

Whatever the reason, there may come a time when you’re least expecting it when something random happens, and your fine-tuned, well-established cloth diaper routine will have to change.

It’s tricky and often demoralizing, but when changes happen, sometimes all you can do is adapt and go with the flow.

As Supergirl says, “I know how hard it is when everything we know to be true changes. But sometimes all we can do is just accept the way things are, and make the best of that.”

You Should Always be Prepared

Superman design cloth diaper from the Super Pow Simple Being cloth diapers three pack

In the 1960’s TV series Batman, Adam West’s version of the Caped Crusader looks to his trusty sidekick and says, “The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin.”

Unfortunately, somebody has yet to invent the supercool cloth diaper user/ superhero utility belt hybrid. So, until they do, you need to put together your own cloth diaper preparedness kit.

Our favorite way to do this is to put one or two cloth diapers, a wet bag, and a couple of wipes in a pouch. Then it’s easy to grab and go and always be ready for a diaper change.

There’s Power in Teamwork

Justice League cloth diapers three packs by Simple Being cloth diapers

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter are all superheroes who do well alone. However, when they get together and form The Justice League, they become incredible.

When it comes to cloth diapering, you can be fabulous, and when you join a community, you can become unstoppable.

There are numerous cloth diaper communities, both online and in-person, and each has its own views on what works and what does not. We encourage you to explore those communities and find one that aligns with your perspective and approach to cloth diapering. Once you find your tribe, you’ll have an incredible amount of support, and you’ll wonder what you ever did before joining.

Enjoy What You Do

We’re not advocating a life of crime, but there is still a valuable life lesson to be learned from Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Joker. No matter what he does, The Joker enjoys himself and finds moments of joy in his day.

While changing diapers doesn’t sound like a fun job, you can find moments of joy in this most thankless of tasks. Admittedly, not every diaper change is going to be a fun fest, but if you can share a smile with your little one, tickle a tummy and induce a giggle, or find a sense of satisfaction at the end of a long day of laundry, it will lighten your load.

You’ve Got This

Wonder Woman cloth diapers by Simple Being cloth diapers

It doesn’t matter whether you use cloth diapers or disposables; caring for a child can be overwhelming. 

If your diapers are still dirty when they come out of the laundry, your kiddo has a growth spurt and their diaper no longer fits, or an incredibly squishy poop has escaped the confines of the cloth,  remember what Antiope said to her niece in the Wonder Woman movie:

 “You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”

The same is true for you. You’re a great parent, you are doing the right things, and despite all of those self-doubts, you’ve got this.

Don’t Give Up

Superman, Batman, and The Flash cloth diaper three pack from Simple Being

Superhero observers often joke that while Superman can fly and The Flash is super fast, Batman is the superhero without superpowers. We think this is unfair. Batman may not have any super-human physical strengths; he does have a super-brain, which is definitely a super-power in our book. 

Batman himself says, “I have one power. I never give up,” and that is a lesson we can all learn from, especially when it comes to using cloth diapers. 

Beware the Cloth Diaper Addiction

Superman once said, “It's not easy for me to live my life being who I am. Keeping secrets,” but this could just as easily have been spoken by a cloth diaper addict.

We’ve lost count of the fluff fans we’ve spoken with who say things like “don’t tell anyone, but I have over 100 diapers,” or “I can’t resist a cute print, and I have to keep hiding my new diapers in case other people think I’ve got a problem!”

Negatives Can Spawn Positives

As a child, Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents, and nobody would have blamed him for retreating to his manor and living in despair. However, rather than letting the negative define him, he chose to turn things around and use his experiences to forge a new identity as Batman.

Now, while a disastrous diaper blowout can hardly equate to becoming an orphan, the same principle can still apply.

When you pick up your poop-covered child and stare down at the spectacular modern art they have created on their crib sheets, don’t give up. Turn this experience into something positive.

Learn how diaper fit changes as your child grow, consider diapers with double leg gussets which minimize blowouts, and become a stain-fighting guru who helps others deal with poop stains. 

It’s Not All About The Diapers

And finally, The Flash once said, “My social life consists of running at superhuman speed and Netflix,” which is a sentence that could be spoken by almost anyone taking care of a baby.

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