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18 Gender Reveal Ideas Using Cloth Diapers

Looking for unique gender reveal ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 18 gender reveal ideas using cloth diapers. We’ve included gender reveal party ideas and options for those who don’t want to party but still want to share their big news.

And not one of our ideas involves activities or elements that are potentially dangerous.

Oh, and if you feel gender reveals are inappropriate because they reinforce gender stereotypes, you might want to skim to the end for our last entry.

So, without further delay, here are our cloth diaper gender reveal ideas.

A Piñata With Diapers Inside

Rather than fill your gender reveal piñata with glitter or confetti that’s going to hang around long after it’s fun, put cloth diapers in your piñata.

Not only will this be a novel way to announce your baby’s gender, but it will also minimize needless mess, be kinder to the environment, and give you something practical to use afterward.

Superhero Gender Reveal

As far as gender reveal party themes go, you can’t get much more fun than superheroes. You can lay on all kinds of superhero-themed foods and drinks and have fun going way over the top with your decorations.

Invite all of your guests to dress up as their favorite superheroes and, when the time comes for the big reveal, the parents stand together, are blindfolded, and put out their hands. Then, the keeper of the gender places either a Wonder Woman or a Batman diaper in their hands.

Don’t forget to have the cameras ready for when they whip off the blindfolds.

Special Delivery

Get your dog in on the act by either:

  1. Dressing them in an outfit like this and placing a gender-revealing cloth diaper in the box. Have your gender secret keeper get your dog and the gift box ready at the last moment, call your dog over and open up the box.

  2. If you would rather not put your dog through the stress of being dressed, you can do something very similar. Instead of the box, have the revealer put some cloth diapers into a neutral gift bag, topping the bag with some tissue paper to avoid giving the secret away too soon.

    Then, for the reveal have your dog run over to you, carrying the gift bag in their mouth.

Drop Down Diapers

You’ve seen the diaper reveal boxes where you hang the box from the ceiling, or a tree branch, pull a string, and out will fall numerous colored balloons. Well, rather than use balloons like everyone else, use cloth diapers. 

Simply pick up a half dozen diapers in a color or print you feel is appropriate. Then clip each diaper to a ribbon. Attach the other end of the ribbons to the inside top of the box, being sure to space them out. It also looks better if you use different ribbon lengths, so the diapers fall and rest at staggered heights.

Then close the box, attach the pull string, and you are good to go.

Gender Reveal Banner With Diapers

You can do this in one of two ways.

  1. Chose some cloth diapers in a mix of colors or gender-neutral colors and prints. Then clip the diapers along a thick ribbon and hang them banner-like on the wall. This version works as a pre-announcement gender reveal decoration.

  2. Create a banner using a gender-specific color. You can either cover it up and reveal as a surprise, hang it in a room and keep everyone out, herding them into the room for the big reveal, or hang it in the party area for post reveal decoration.

These options work either as-is or with letters printed out and temporarily stuck to the diapers to spell out a massage.

Cast A Vote

This idea is an excellent way to have a fun gender reveal AND build up a cloth diaper stash. 

Have all of the party-goers bring a cloth diaper in the color they think will be most appropriate. Friends and family can club together and buy a multi-pack of diapers and bring one cloth diaper each.

Place small laundry baskets on the table and have one for team girl and one for team boy. Guests drop the cloth diaper they’ve chosen into the appropriate basket.

Cloth Diaper Cake

A cloth-diaper-cake gender reveal can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Create, or have your keeper of the gender create or source a cloth diaper cake using girl or boy diapers. Place the cake at the center of your party table and cover it with one of the “Boy or Girl?” boxes usually reserved for balloon reveals.

    When everyone is ready to find out, lift the box.

  2. Make, or have made, a cloth diaper cake, but this time use either a mixture of diapers traditionally seen as boy or girl colors or diapers in yellows, greens and multiple colors.

    Have the keeper of the gender place the big news on a cake stand, and then put the “cake” on top. When you’re ready to find out, have everyone dive in, dismantle your diaper cake, and race to find the card where the gender’s written.

Jack-in-a-Box Gender Reveal

If you want a gender reveal you can be sure nobody else has seen, and you’re crafty, build a big reveal Jack-in-a-Box. We found these homemade Jack-in-a-Box instructions on Wiki-How, and you can convert the measurements to create a box big enough for the purpose.

Then, rather than make the stuffed toy in the example, you make a stuffed pad and gently attach cloth diapers, using clothes pegs, so you don’t damage them.

If you want to do something exceptional, make it a wooden box carved with the date or gender reveal, and use it afterward as a keepsake box.

Helium Balloons With A Diaper Attached

If you have a  box of balloons gender reveal in mind, give it a little twist that you won’t see anywhere else. Tie a cloth diaper or two to the base of the balloons and use the gender reveal as both a “we’re having a…” and a “We’re going to cloth diaper” announcement.

Gender Reveal Image Ideas With Cloth Diapers

Suppose you don’t want to go to the trouble or expense of a party. 

Perhaps you can’t get all of the people you want together in one spot, or maybe there’s a global pandemic preventing you from having a get-together.  You can still get the word out and enjoy a sense of occasion by sharing some gender reveal pictures.

This type of image also makes a great addition to your photo album or book. The right image can even make a beautiful nursery decoration.

These are our favorite ideas.

Hanging to Dry

This is a cute, humorous gender reveal photograph idea using cloth diapers.

Get an item of clothing belonging to each family member in a gender-specific color. Hang the items in a row on a clothesline, starting with the oldest person on the left and working along to the right, with everyone in birth order.

Then add a gender-specific diaper for your baby on the far right.

Sibling Tea-Party

Have your children dress up in their favorite pieces of clothing, then lay out a fun, fancy tea party.

Add a teddy bear, stuffed animal, or doll in an empty seat, with the toy wearing a gender-revealing diaper. 

If you don’t feel the message is clear enough, you can add an “It’s A Boy,” “It’s A Girl,” or another similar, appropriate phrase.

Don’t Forget the Pets.

You might have seen pregnancy announcement ideas that include pets. You can turn these ideas into a unique gender reveal picture with just a little twist and creativity.

How about a photo of your cat asleep with its head on a couple of cloth diapers, captioned with “I’m pawsitive, it’s a…”?

Or maybe a picture of your dog holding a basket in their mouth, and the basket is full of diapers. You can caption it with “My parents have ordered me a little brother/sister.”

Diaper Laundry Practice

Take a photo with either you, your partner, or have someone take a picture of you both. Set the scene so you are carrying a laundry basket of diapers to the washer, taking them out of the washer, or hanging them out to dry.

Add a caption along the lines of “Gee, who thought baby boys/baby girls made so much laundry.”

Other Gender Reveal Ideas With Cloth Diapers

You don’t have to restrict yourself to images or parties; there are other ways to have some gender reveal fun with cloth diapers.

Gender Reveal Registry

If your family and friends are scattered near and far, or you just don’t want to have a get-together right now, we’ve got a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender.

Set up a cloth diaper registry, and only select options you feel are gender-specific. Then, send everyone an e-mail, text, or social shout with a link to your registry. Title it “gender-Reveal Baby Registry” and wait for their reactions.

Send A Link 

If you know whether you are having a girl or a boy, don’t feel it’s a big deal, and are fed up with people asking what you are having, have a link to one of the Simple Being Diapers superhero packs ready.

If you’re having a girl, send people a link to the DC Justice League Diapers Fearless Girls three-pack and if you’re having a boy, send them the link to the DC Justice League Batman Diapers three-pack.

Stuffed Toy Surprise

This option is ideal if you only have one or two people with whom you want to share your special news. 

Let’s assumes it’s your parents and you’re expecting a girl.

Buy a neutral gift box or gift bag and put a half dozen cloth diapers inside. Then either mail it to your parents or go visit them and take the gift with you.

Give them the gift and either say, or write on a card and place it in the box:

“This gift is for you, but I’m going to need you to bring it back when you come to visit your granddaughter.”

Ear Worm Cloth Diaper Gender Reveal

Get everyone to dress in Baby Shark-themed shirts - Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, etc. Set up a felt letter board with “Baby Shark Due Due Due Due Due” and add some shark diapers from the Simple Being Under the Sea six-pack.

And for the Non-Gender-Reveal Fans

Set up any of the events, images, or other gender reveal options. Instead of using blue or pink pattern diapers, use either a mix of yellow and green, colors or patterns traditionally viewed as gender-neutral, or a mix of both.

Then replace the “It’s a Girl,” “It’s a Boy,” or any other gender revealing wording with something along the lines of “Gender is a social construct,” “We don’t define our baby by gender,” or some other similar wording!

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